Empowering young girls and women

Mentoring and Career guidance talks

The involvement of all stakeholders including (young women) should been utilised to understand the local context. This is particularly in  Africa, where some success has been noted if young women are involved in decision making.

Girls and their families in studies done in Southern African countries particularly Malawi and South Africa were paid the equivalent of $24 per month if the girls attended school, but the youngsters in South Africa had very different expectations from those in much poorer Southern-African nation. It showed that along with high levels of poverty, unemployment and HIV prevalence there was a desire for those in South Africa for luxury goods, the girls named designer jeans, Italian shoes and blackberry smartphones as necessities.

One of our Ambassadors Jeff Chege who volunteers with AIDS No More shared this selfie after successful career talk with young and brilliant ladies at Huruma Secondary School ..@jeffliverpool

Engaging young girls and women when in school should be a priority. AIDS No More in lending visibility through social forums is working with Young Ambassadors and Volunteers to ensure the girl child is not left behind.

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