Youth Ambassadors

Michel – ‘ It’s time to stand up’



My name is Michel . — ‘Everyone has a story maybe yours will change lives who knows.’ It’s great to be in a team of young ambassadors who in one way or another are touching lives’ I joined AIDS No More because I know this is the time to make a stand. I now know that ….not only doctors save lives lol’

Join us in Engage and Speak out . I will be here to respond to your queries and reach out ! We can make a difference’


Rodney ¬†– ‘this is EARTH SHATTERING’
‘I am Rodney. ¬†This is as earth shattering as it can get. AIDS No More has given me an opportunity to make the world a better place than I found. To all youth let us spread the word and break the silence. Enough is enough.’


Stephanie – I choose to speak out
‘ I am 19 my name is Stephanie. You are never too young to start speaking out on HIV/AIDS that is affecting so many young people. My hobbies are cycling and making friends. I have work in three activities health , journalism and research.
I have so far reached out to my colleagues and began speaking on what is affecting young people in Africa. It’s time to say AIDS no more!

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