Using books to Unite and Inspire – Rodney Mbugua an ambassador for change

  Getting  into the Picture

Young people enjoying Selfie – Photo by Lorna Abwonji

Rodney Mbugua is making a change – AIDS No More Ambassador

Yes it does sound a little crazy  but it’s exactly what I am doing.

My name is Rodney Mbugua, a student and #AIDSNoMore Ambassador, so what do I do ? I am a global change maker and re-shaping  our community and how young people think. I think you can say that in today’s culture and movies tend to glorify use of drugs and irresponsible sexual behaviour which in most cases leads to high rates of HIV infection.

I note now young  people who have recently discovered they are HIV+  tend to remain silent. I therefore through #speakout forum on wanted to create a buzz where fellow young people can come together through book clubs. This is because the book club offer a source of friendship, socialization, all of which are important when one is coming to terms with their new situation.

I  do this through a  platform where the youth and anybody else can re-discover the joys of reading books for leisure. Over this platform, they can get access to novels and other types of books without having to pay expensive prices. The platform will be a library of sorts but much more personalized. Through AIDS No More I am reaching out to all young people, I hope to create a buzz !|

Yes…we now can access the movies ! They are cheap . We all spend our times on the screens laptops , phones etc  But this is the time to come together . Through the creation of a movement whereby I can encourage the youth to start reading by providing them a way to get access to books easily. This will not only open up their minds more allow young people to engage positively and we are open to all.


In order to achieve that, I began by collecting a vast variety of book and constantly reaching out to those of you who  have any books at home you no longer read or use, any book that has become obsolete to you…please kindly donate them to #book lovers unite!  It does not matter what state they are in…new, old, dog-eared…i will repair them.
That’s how I am engaging….You too can be part of the revolution. I share my story to the world and hope young people will come together to break the silence

It’s our time to #SPEAKOUT

Rodney Kariuki – student at Strathmore University, Author and AIDS No More Ambassador

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