AIDS-free revolution!

AIDS No More is a non-profit initiative  whose aim is to engage young people in sub-Saharan Africa and re-kindle the HIV/AIDS conversation which has gone silent among we young people.  We hope to create platforms in every form of social platform to create an AIDS-free generation.

The Gap

The level of comprehensive knowledge on the epidemic among young people is reported to be on the decline in sub-Saharan Africa. Many young people are at risk of new infection due to increase income inequalities, sexual violence , substance abuse and school drop out.

The opportunity

Despite the challenges many young wordcloud-1people in Africa are connecting more than ever through social media platform, community forums, social events and this poses a great opportunity to connect and start an AIDS-free movement.  The time is now!  This is the chance to start the conversation with Africa’s Next leaders.



How to Be Heard

Know the facts

Utilise our platform to get the latest trends of the epidemic among young people. Enroll to engage with our youth volunteers through our share your experiences forum. Get the facts about HIV/AIDS prevention and #speakout #Engage on our social media platforms. Say NO to stigma. Say NO to silence.


Be  a young champion


Share your  innovative idea on how you inspired your peers to be take care of their health and what you plan to Engage. Are you inspired to team up with our AID-free Innovators and creative team and highlight your project?

Connect with  young people across the continent on our platform engage on new innovative ideas in combating the epidemic to better address their health needs.

Share your AIDS-free gen innovative idea.  AIDS No More will share your creativity and connect you with other health innovators


Be a Young Mentor 

Have you been inspired? Be a mentor or link up with our youth mentors. Share your #Speak out Story which will be shared to the world. We hope to engage with you and visit your community or school and learn from you.

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