Community Engagement

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It has been stated that there is will never be a magic bullet to control the HIV epidemics; there are many ways of handling the disease. However, without community involvement prior to implementation of scientific strategy that has worked in the trial set up would be of much impact to the epidemic and in general towards developing of policies, as communities do form venues of negotiation points to come up with decision.

Youth Ambassador Edna Njeri and Marcelle Tchabie from Mozambique in one of workshops engaging with students at Huruma girls’ school in Nairobi Kenya.  

Ownership of the problem is now well understood however ownership of decisions made especially in the hard to reach communities is important. Communities are not only the main beneficiaries of health and development programs; in the case of HIV/AIDS, they are the front line in prevention, care, and support efforts. Finally it is important to note that there is no one size that fits all when discussing community interventions in Africa and within the countries therefore without community involvement and ownership of decisions the opportunity to effect positive change may be not be a reality.

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